Originally constructed in 1925, the historic Lamar House was moved from its original site by the City of Phoenix ‐‐ as part of the Post Apartments project ‐‐ to a new site, to allow major development on the original land.


The building had been vacant for many years, most recently used as a four unit boarding house. 

Desert Viking renovated the four‐plex to allow for two market rate townhomes. The exterior was restored,

a two-story addition and a separate detached building for (2) two‐car garages was designed. All interior partitions and

new stairs were constructed due to the condition of the existing ones. 


Renovation was completed without disturbing the historic contents of the building. Each property is two stories, 

adjacent to one another. Both units contain re-designed bathrooms, master bedrooms and pantries. The

remodeled kitchens include double ovens and a cook‐top at the island. The Lamar Residence is individually

listed on the City of Phoenix Historic Register.


Project Address: W Latham St, Phoenix, AZ 85003

Project Type: Residential

Original Use: 4‐plex apartment unit

Renovated Use: Two townhome units

Year Built: Circa 1925

Year Renovated: 2003

Building Size: 4,260 SF

Tenants: Private Residence