The Flowers’ building at 5th Street and Roosevelt has been in continuous operation since 1948. Many of the concrete sidewalks in the neighborhood were poured in 1909 -- just three years before Arizona officially became the 48th State.


Surveyed and recorded in 1888 by one of the principals in the Arizona Canal Company, Clark Churchill declared the

two blocks between Roosevelt Street and Garfield and 4th Street and 6th Street as part of a quarter‐section subdivision

on the north side of the original Phoenix town site. These are the last two contiguous blocks of the original 1888 Churchill Addition.  

Desert Viking acquired the two blocks in 2014 and has plans to facilitate a large, urban renewal project ‐‐ carefully preserving and

re‐imagining three bungalow‐style homes and the Flowers commercial building, as well as the addition of a new three‐story building.

Each space will be converted into a mixed‐use, special character locale that includes restaurants and bars with

ample backyards and lush, communal patios, as well as creative loft and market‐style retail spaces ‐‐ perfect

for local artisans, makers, artists and small business owners.


Project Address:  501‐515 E Roosevelt St, 917 N 5th St, 915 N 5th St, 909 N 5th St and 902 N 6th St,

Phoenix, Arizona 85004

Project Type: Commercial

Original Use: Retail, Residential

Renovated Use: Retail, Office, Restaurant

Year Built: Circa 1915+

Year Renovated: 2017

Building Size: 18,500 SF

Tenants: TBD